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For women at all stages of motherhood (from pregnancy to perimenopause) to get fit and confidently progress to more dynamic movement without impacting their joints and total core health.
Beyond Kegels, crunches or
counting calories !
Inside Bespoke you will discover my 5 step proven process to improve your fitness and core, at any age or stage. 
So that you can find a remedy to injury prone and depleting workouts !
Best of all you will work with me both
1:1 and with a curated group of 
fabulous females....
Limited Spots
As I train 1:1 with everyone in this
unique group

I've been helping fabulous females make a consisent connection to both their bodies and minds without depletion and overwhelm for over two decades

It's my jam. 

I'm also a Mama of 3, fully certified pregnancy and women's fitness specialist, experienced Personal Trainer and Group Instructor of Pilates and Les Mills Pump, Step and Spin. The owner of BodyFabulous, creator of the BFABMETHOD and head coach of BESPOKE my unique high touch program. 

My mission is to enable more women at all stages of motherhood to discover how exercise is a fabulous way to connect their bodies and not just a tool to change it ! 

"Dahlas, I think you are helping out a lot of ladies. There is so much confusion and so few professionals in the Fitness Industry that actually know what their doing when advising women about exercise. Thanks so much."
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