5 Steps
to Improve your
Pelvic Floor &
Deep Core
Everything you need to get connected better to your pelvic floor and core with zero crunches and Kegels (and NO activewear needed !) ...
So that, you can nail how the basic functions of your pelvic floor integrate with your ENTIRE body (from your feet to your jaw). To discover total core synergy, which will help you stop second guessing yourself, (leaking) and losing your lifestyle.
In this FREE guide, you'll get...
5 Foundation Exercises
With easy to follow graphics, that you can do from 5 minutes today to give you the gateway to better core activation and pelvic floor connection which will improve and prevent diastasis, bloating, leaking, aches, pain and more !
The Secret Sauce
That's scientifically proven to sooth your nervous system, plus better control and heal the deep core / pelvic floor beyond Kegels and crunches !
Bonus Cheat Sheets
Visual infographics to print out so you can gain unshakable confidence and create consistency both physically and mentally...without even wearing activewear.
The Next Best Step
To discover how to take your new core connection and turn it into a consistent movement strategy. So that, you can progress your workouts in alignment with your energy levels, time and body's capability. Then look forward to exercise with clarity and confidence to take your fitness to the next level.
In the 2+ decades I have been working with women. I have witnessed how our fabulous bodies can heal, adapt, get stronger and positively change at all ages and stages of motherhoood.
Often we just need to discover the blindspots, patterns and old myths that get in the way of our healing and progressing.
My proven functional whole body approach provides this !
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