Redefining CORE...
Ready to ditch "all or nothing" workouts for a sustainable exercise routine even if you've been told that leaking, pelvic / core weakness and constant aches are just a "new normal" of motherhood"
(PSA -they're NOT!)
It's time to stop second guessing yourself so you can show up fabulously fit, strong and confident without leaking and losing your lifestyle ?
Let's begin with my ...
When: [AUS] Fri 14th June 10.30 am AEST
[USA] Tues 13th June 5.30 pm PDT
| 8.30pm EST
Discover my 4 step proven process to improve your fitness and core, at any age or stage. 
So that you can find a remedy beyond Kegels, crunches and calorie counting
...that's only making you depleted
and your symptoms worse!
Does any of this sound familiar?
  • You FINALLY have some decent time to yourself and you are excited to get your body moving again ! OR finally you've got the "all clear" by your doctor to workout after having your little one...
  • You strap on your sports shoes, throw in your earbuds, and hit the pavement or the gym ! Suddenly, you start to feel a little sneaky leakage happening down there...
  • But you choose to ignore it because all of your friends have told you "it's normal" and "that's just what happens with motherhood and as you age"
    ....So you tell yourself  "I can always pad up and play on, or buy some of those leak proof undies !"

You're not alone.
There are more women that feel this way than you might think.
This hopeless feeling often to the point where many females stop focusing on fitness all together. Or just find temporary solutions as they believe, "this is just my new normal,"

*I don't want that reality for you.*

You have the power to transform your body, but you have to be open-minded to trusting the process. It's NEVER too late to heal and/or connect better to your core and pelvic floor so you can live life to the fullest...

And you don't have to do it alone or default to Kegels, crunches, cutting calories or purchasing some  random "pelvic floor tightening" contraption online...

Here's what you'll learn!

I created this masterclass, REDEFINING CORE to help you improve the way your body feels and functions.
In this 1-hour LIVE class, you'll learn ...

  • The BIGGEST mistakes that are stopping you from improving your core including why traditional AB exercises are slowing your results down
  • How you can make ANY exercise a CORE exercise (beyond crunches and Kegels)
  • How your PELVIC FLOOR is involved in ALL movement you do (from your toes to nose) and why this matters
  • The power of cues and VISUALISATION
  • Why optional NOURISHMENT is essential for your CORE

This if for you, even if -

  • You have a packed schedule
  • You are navigating, pregnancy, postpartum or perimenopause
  • You have a family to feed and are over the dogma of dieting
  • You feel like you have tried everything and NOTHING works !
  • You (don't want to put your activewear on) but are ready to ditch defaulting to cookie cutter methods and discover some proven female fitness strategies.

I am sharing the exact step-by-step, four part system I have used to help thousands of women at all ages and stages to regain a full tank of energy, (RE)build their strength and fitness, with a modern approach that's unique and personalised for their bodies so that they continue to move and nourish themselves consistently without leaking, aches, pain, hunger and exhaustion.

Plus I'll be answering your questions live at the end!
Not to worry if you can't join me live I'll send out the replay shortly after, just be sure to register so you receive the replay.

This class is designed for first time exercisers or fitness fanatics at any stage of life or motherhood. You'll walk away with a deeper knowledge of how you can improve your core function, not just with movement, but with breath, mindset and current research proven strategies.

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I've been helping fabulous females make a consistent connection to both their bodies and minds without depletion and overwhelm for over two decades

It's my jam. 

I'm also a Mama of 3, fully certified pregnancy and women's fitness specialist, experienced Personal Trainer and Group Instructor of Pilates and Les Mills Pump, Step and Spin. The owner of BodyFabulous, creator of the BFABMETHOD and head coach of BESPOKE my unique high touch program. 

My mission is to enable more women at all stages of motherhood and life to discover how exercise is a fabulous way to connect their bodies and not just a tool to change it ! 

"Dahlas, I think you are helping out a lot of ladies. There is so much confusion and so few professionals in the Fitness Industry that actually know what their doing when advising women about exercise. Thanks so much."
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