"Pre-Kids I used to kill myself in the gym doing crazy hours of cardio
and intense training because I thought I had to in order to see results.
I have experienced not only my leanest, but my happiest, most fulfilling self through my method of movement."

Dahlas Fletcher is one of Australia's most respected and successful Certified Pregnancy and Postnatal Trainers.
Her combined experience as National Marketing Manager, a mother to 3 young children, and 20 years experience working as Group Fitness Instructor, Pregnancy Studio Business Owner and Personal Trainer all inspired her to create BodyFabulous.

Hello !
I am so glad you have found this page. My passion is to help you become the happiest, most fabulous version of yourself, inside and out. I use real, science based solutions, that I personally used before, during and after my own 3 pregnancies based on my incredible training with women's health physiotherapists.

I work with women of all ages, stages and fitness levels to safely and confidently improve their health and well-being.

I have been in a high pressured career, been active through all my pregnancies and managed to get back into shape post birth without any extreme dieting or punishing exercise programs. I believe in cherishing your body during and after pregnancy. By learning to listen to what your body is capable of, with safe and effective movement strategies. These will help you to become fit and strong for the challenges of pregnancy, birth and the long runway of motherhood please help you avoid or overcome common issues such as aches and pains, diastatis recti and pelvic floor concerns.

I can't wait to meet you Face to Face in my workshop

Pregnancy and recovery is a temporary journey
but injury can be long term...
Did you know that moves such as crunches, planks, sit ups and also running or other forms of high impact exercise can have a negative affect on your core and pelvic floor - especially during pregnancy and postpartum?

That doesn't mean you should be wrapped up in cotton wool and do nothing during pregnancy. It just means you need a progressive and proven strategy !

Make no mistake, my unique method of movement did not happen overnight. It took me years of instructing a variety of classes, coaching pregnant and postpartum women and also training fellow instructors where I developed the safe, effective and fun CORE CARDIO METHOD.

Now I am on a mission to help women just like you get fit, strong and energised for the challenges of pregnancy, birth, recovery and the long runway that is motherhood.

Best of all it is safe, effective makes you feel energised and fabulous !

CORE CARDIO is a dynamic total body-workout using a medical grade fitball to naturally activate your deep core + stabilise and support the spine and pelvic floor.

It is suitable for any trimester, any level of fitness, and can be continued post birth. This means you can workout if if you have back pain, diastatis rectic, pelvic pain or pelvic floor concerns

CORE CARDIO workouts are also combined with music to motivate you, plus resistance training, functional pilates moves, specialised pelvic floor activation. birth prep exercises, interval training and mind body connection strategies.

This means you can workout safely and effectively through every trimester of pregnancy and beyond !

BEST OF ALL - after you attend this workshop you will be able to continue these workouts AT HOME as NO EXTRA COST You will receive 6 months access to my ONLINE Core Cardio Program

So what are you wating for ...
Are you ready to get fit and strong for the challenges of
pregnancy, birth and motherhood now?
If you want to discover how I can help you shortcut your fitness success during and after pregnancy with safe effective and efficient workouts and strategies take a closer look at what we will cover at this 3 hour comprehensive FACE TO FACE workshop on...

15th MAY 2021
1.30PM TO 4.30PM

  • Small and focused Group Training in a Physiotherapy endorsed unique workout program designed by fully certified and experienced pregnancy and postpartum trainer - Dahlas Fletcher
  • Get energised and have fun with the unique CORE CARDIO METHOD on a medical grade fitball combined with specialised deep core and pelvic floor exercises.
  • Learn TOTAL BODY + INTERVAL / HIIT Workouts suitable for Pregnancy, Postpartum and Motherhood
    that are pelvic floor and diastatis recti safe
  • Functional Pilates exercises, Resistance training, Birth Prep Moves and science based mind-body strategies
  • Discover specialised deep core and pelvic floor exercises...that go beyond just KEGELS
  • 6 MONTH ONLINE ACCESS : To over online videos and comprehensive guides so you can continue your CORE CARDIO WORKOUTS and TOTAL BODY training at HOME (value $199)
  • Comprehensive guidance about medical grade / non toxic durable FIT BALL and how to set is up correctly for pregnancy, birth and postpartum recovery.
    Opportunity to purchase your own medical grade fitball at custom inflated size at wholesale pricing
  • GOODIE BAG - with samples and discounts from our branded partners + LUCKY DOOR prizes
  • Access to the exclusive BFAB METHOD members only Facebook Community so you can stay connected to the Mama's you meet, access to LIVE Q&A's with Dahlas and other Guest Experts
  • PLUS much more...
    if you need modifications or guidance on your specific goals simply send them through prior to the workshop and Dahlas will provided personalised guidance at the session
  • All workout equipment for the workshop session is provided & meets Covid Safe Cleaning requirements (Dahlas & Venue have completed Covid Safety Certifications).

    If you decide not to purchase your own Medical Grade Fitball at checkout. A fitball for the workshop will be provided and inflated to your correct size for safety and optimal movement

    If you would like to use your own exercise mat please bring this with you.

  • That's over $1000 worth of value for a lifetime of benefits join the workshop for...
Limited spots due to Covid Restrictions
  • FAST ACTION BONUS : First 10 bookings receive a clinically nutrition designed Smoothie Guide & Snack Guide download - Valued at $99 by Nutritionist Georgia Marrion
  • GIFT VOUCHERS AVAILABLE - purchase your early bird ticket now as the perfect NEW MAMA GIFT.
    Click here to get in contact about arranging a gift voucher

venue : indigo soul wellness
at Yeronga
15 minutes from Brisbane CBD. Right next to Yeronga Train Station
46 Shottery St, Yeronga QLD 4104
Safe. Effective & Fun !
Lisa M
'I love these workouts ! I did them throughout my pregnancy and leading up to my birth. I am astonished how quickly my pelvic floor healed and abs came back together due to the specialised moves.'
Jo S
'Before falling pregnant, I was very fit having been an active runner and triathlete for a number of years. Keen to keep active during my pregnancy, particularly as I have a thyroid problem, I came across Core Cardio as a good alternative. I started in my second trimester and at first it was quite different but as I gave up running after 20 weeks and got heavier and more "awkward" in my movements, the sessions kept me fit and also bolstered my mood as the weeks got harder. My baby arrived via induction, plus she was posterior and 4kg big. All birth her drug free and had a healthy pregnancy weight gain of 13kg. I owe it really to having kept fit and active during all my 40 weeks. I was up walking as soon as I got home. I highly recommend these sessions. It's a great way to keep exercising during your pregnancy as it's safe and keeps you focused, with a professional like Dahlas.
Healthy mum, healthy baby!'
Lisa C

'I started these Core Cardio workouts when I was 15 weeks pregnant and did them a least twice a week until I was 37 weeks, and absolutely loved it ! It's so much fun. Now that I've had my gorgeous daughter I'm back doing the workouts to regain my lost fitness from the last few months. I will definitely also be continuing to do them when I fall pregnant again.'
Want to enjoy your workouts 28% more?
Upbeat music, feeling like your lower back, hips and pelvic floor are supported means you will stay motivated and achieve consistency with your workouts.

Sound good ?

According to a recent study you can get 28% enjoyment out of your workout while moving to energising music, and plus feel more confident if your deep core is supported.

This creates in consistency and undoubtly this means results !
I personally used these CORE CARDIO dynamic fit ball workouts combined with functional movement
during my own 3 pregnancy and postpartum journeys. 
Plus I still workout like this today !

I can't wait to show you...
Plus give you all the additional bonuses listed above


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