What if there was a fun & energising CARDIO workout
that was also safe + trained your core ...
You would want to know about it right ?
Back pain ? Hip Pain ? Weak Pelvic Floor ? Bloated ?
Not sure what cardio you can do during pregnancy and after?
Trying to get back to exercise after injury, childbirth or a long hiatus ?
Are you simply tired and overwhelmed about what you should do ?
Or are missing your more vigorous workouts like jogging or aerobics ?
There are so many reasons to chose a safe and effective
CARDIO workout option.
That you can do AT HOME

Pregnancy, recovery or simply improving your fitness is a temporary journey...
But injury can be long term !
Science has proven that too many depleting workouts can actually inhibit fat loss.
I have developed a unique and accessible solution for you.
I personally used these CORE CARDIO dynamic fitball workouts during my own 3 pregnancy and postpartum journeys plus I still love to use them today.
Best of all I have instructed hundreds of pregnant and postpartum women using this method, so its your chance to
Want to enjoy your workout 28% more?
Upbeat music, feeling like your lower back, hips and pelvic floor are supported means you will stay motivated and achieve consistency with your workouts.
Sound good ?
According to a recent study you can get 28% enjoyment out of your workout while moving to energising music, and plus feel more confident if your deep core is supported.

This results in consistency and undoubtly this means results !
It feels awesome !
Make no mistake, this unique style of cardio workout did not happen overnight. It took me years of instructing a variety of classes, coaching pregnant and postpartum women and also training fellow instructors in my unique CORE CARDIO METHOD.

Now I am on a mission to help women just like you get fit, strong and energised for the challenges of pregnancy, birth, recovery and the long runway that is motherhood.

Best of all it feels awesome !

CORE CARDIO is a total body-workout using a medical grade fitball to naturally activate your deep core + stabilise and support the spine and pelvic floor.

It is suitable for any trimester, any level of fitness, and can be continued post birth. This means you can workout if if you have back pain, diastatis rectic, pelvic pain or pelvic floor issues.

And you can do it AT HOME for less than a cup of coffee a day
So what are you wating for ...
Safe, Effective & Fun !
Lisa M
'I love these workouts ! I did them throughout my pregnancy and leading up to my birth. I am astonished how quickly my pelvic floor healed and abs came back together due to the specialised moves.'
Jo S
'Before falling pregnant, I was very fit having been an active runner and triathlete for a number of years. Keen to keep active during my pregnancy, particularly as I have a thyroid problem, I came across Core Cardio as a good alternative. I started in my second trimester and at first it was quite different but as I gave up running after 20 weeks and got heavier and more "awkward" in my movements, the sessions kept me fit and also bolstered my mood as the weeks got harder. My baby arrived via induction, plus she was posterior and 4kg big. All birth her drug free and had a healthy pregnancy weight gain of 13kg. I owe it really to having kept fit and active during all my 40 weeks. I was up walking as soon as I got home. I highly recommend these sessions. It's a great way to keep exercising during your pregnancy as it's safe and keeps you focused, with a professional like Dahlas.
Healthy mum, healthy baby!'
Lisa C

'I started these Core Cardio workouts when I was 15 weeks pregnant and did them a least twice a week until I was 37 weeks, and absolutely loved it ! It's so much fun. Now that I've had my gorgeous daughter I'm back doing the workouts to regain my lost fitness from the last few months. I will definitely also be continuing to do them when I fall pregnant again.'
Are you ready to get fit and strong for the challenges of
pregnancy, birth and motherhood now?
If you want to discover how I can help you shortcut your fitness success during and after pregnancy with safe effective and efficient workouts and strategies take a closer look at what you get inside.... 
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