The reality of motherhood is often very different to expectations...

There is sleep deprivation, diastasis recti, pelvic floor concerns, aches and pains combined with very little time to nourish yourself !

What if I told you that there is a proven pathway to overcome these challenges, so you will soon be saying....

Regardless where you live around the globe, or where you are on your motherhood journey, let me help you gain core strength (beyond just a 6 pack), recover pelvic floor function (without 1000 Kegels a day), alleviate aches and pains and learn how to exercise safely, effectively and efficiently (in optimal time without depletion) using evidence based methods.
It's time to feel fabulous from the inside to out ...before this offer ends
"I believe exercise is a fabulous
way to connect and honour your
body and not just a tool to change it"
Hi I'm Dahlas (pronounced Dallas !)
Are you frustrated, confused and de-motivated about how to EXERCISE after having your baby?
It's time to GET THE FACTS so you can get moving confidently without depletion and exhaustion​​​​​​​ using my unique evidence based methods.
I am a fully certified pre & postnatal fitness expert, specialising in diastasis recti and pelvic floor function. With over 20 years experience, I have coached thousands of women like you, on how to strengthen their core from within, with comprehensive and sustainable movement strategies.
I believe every mother and any age deserves to feel energised, confident and functional. That's why I provide proven tools and techniques to cut through the myriad of misleading information and to help you reach your goals. Strategies that I have personally used after the birth of my 3 children and continue to use today.
"Pregnancy and postpartum recovery are short term but injuries can be long term !"
I don't believe in the "no pain - no gain" mentality. I love seeing women exercise efficiently and move optimally - without depletion. As when this occurs consistency is achieved, results happen and injuries are avoided or healed.

I look forward to helping you discover new fitness habits that support a healthy body and mind plus provide a functional core and pelvic floor.

It's time to cherish you !

Is my unique framework that will train your CORE with global body workouts during postpartum and any stage of motherhood
With 4 simple steps...

B reathe your way to a better core
F unctional Training & Nutrition
A bs are not the only part of the core
B ody Mind connection for postbirth and beyond

A proven pathway that works !

Did you know the foundation of your CORE your pelvic floor ?
Pregnancy, breathing patterns that are disrupted (by change neural pathways) poor daily posture, and lack of pelvic floor awareness can completely disconnect our core system.
The core is a total unit from our shoulders to our hips and elements that should work together often don't co-operate collectively and can lead many women to have incontinence, Diastasis Recti, Core weakness, back, hip and also knee pain !

Too often, because of embarrassment, shame, or fear, many women give up or try band-aid solutions which only give temporary relief.

Recent research predicts...
"80 percent of women over the age of 18 will have a pelvic floor dysfunction by 2050. Regardless of how often they do their pelvic floor exercises."
My proven step by step formula the BFABMETHOD will ensure you can start movement PRIOR to your 6 week postnatal checkup (if not contra-indications are present) and then progress to more intense workouts when you feel and know you are ready.

Total Core Connection. Total Body Movements
For many women there may be certain GLOBAL movements that your body requires that you're not currently doing, plus there are essential ways to brain better to your body and pelvic floor. Everyday during pregnancy & throughout the lifetime of motherhood you wake up with a different body so tuning into this physically and mentally is important.
Pelvic floor meet brain, brain meet pelvic floor!
All my exercises, are based on abdominal breathing, that naturally activates the pelvic floor muscles and all the layers of your abs  - without crunches, planks, or excessive Kegels. This sounds simple but it is challenging as your neural pathway patterning changes during pregnancy. Once this re-patterning is discovered deeper core strength begins !
Steal my strategies so you can train your core safely with total body workouts - from home with my specialised BFABMETHOD POSTNATAL BUNDLE which includes over 50 workouts and bonuse master classes including..
This is a 4 part workshop is full of exercises that you can begin before your 6 week postnatal check up then progress to more intense forms of movement. You will learn how to reconnect to your core postbirth, both mentally and physically with functional movement that goes beyond just a keeps working as you will be doing it also as you move about your day.
You also get access to my Ultimate Postpartum Guide Book for Safe Return to Exercise guidelines - including what you need to discuss with your medical care providers.
This program has been created for Busy Mothers by a Busy Mama (me) ! Together we'll bring your post-pregnancy fitness to the next level. You'll learn how to get rid of post pregnancy belly and how to take care of your pelvic floor with FUN total body workouts. Results come from not working out LONGER OR HARDER but from small quality wins.

Many of these workouts are only 5-10 minutes long. Which is the perfect time to connect to your breath, body, boost endorphins and build on a consistent core connection for life (beyond Kegels)!


Nutritious snacks are a secret super, as most women are not eating enough or if they are, it is not the most nutritious choices. As a busy Mama of 3, I know how hard it is to stay well nourished. Especially when you are tired, concerned about weight gain, or you are just totally over prepping food for the rest of your tribe !
Our resident nutritionist Georgia has created these 2 guides for you - including easy Smoothie Recipes and Snacks to help you boost your nutrition and ensure you are still eating delicious food.
Plus 4 x BONUS Nutrition masterclasses are also included so you can be assured you are getting expert advice to heal your body and nourish your mind.

This 5 step motivation workshop has been included as BONUS to help you stay motivated and moving during any of motherhood. All you need is a piece of paper or journal and 10 minutes per day.

This is predominantly a mindset challenge focusing on my unique CIRCLE OF FABULOUS for motivation.

Why ? As results don't just come from physical movement, focusing on the mental and mindset is essential for long term success.

Included is over $1600 worth of value
for a lifetime of benefits
NOW ONLY $148.50 AUD
with code: FAB50
Now is the BEST TIME to focus on your core and daily habits to allow you to get back to your favorite activities without things feeling tight, achy or ..just not right !

Addressing the issues of your core after birth requires special care. If you hurry into resuming your favorite activities (like many new mamas do), the wrong approach only takes you further away from your goals, and is expensive to rehab.

I want you to succeed. That's why this comprehensive postnatal program is at an accessible price but packed and tips easy to follow workouts that will translate into a simple sustainable lifestyle - rather than an intense and deplieting quick fix.

My BFABMETHOD POSTNATAL BUNDLE will leave you feeling stronger and healthier than you've felt since delivering, and you'll have the all tools you need to feel that way for life !

  • 24/7 Access to an online video members only platform from your laptop or mobile device
  • Access to a private BFABMETHOD Members Community with access to Certified Trainer Dahlas and Nutritionist Georgia plus other like-minded mamas
  • Over 50 Workouts suitable from birth (as long as no medical contra-indications are present)
  • Specialised Core focused Postnatal Exercises that include global body movements not just Kegels !
  • 10 - 30 min Express Workouts to squeeze into your busy schedule to ensure consistency is achieved
  • Education Material with expert postnatal evidence based information and tips to implement into your daily life to ensure your results are for life !
  • Simple clinical Nutrition Smoothie and Snack Guide with recipes based on REAL food – because establishing nourishment (without the dogma) goes a long way toward helping you achieve your core health
  • Mindset and Motivation and Masterclasses as most people don't know that when they are exercising or moving their bodies, they are also working out their nervous system as well. Neuroplasticity is the brain's ability to continually change or re-mould just like plasticine. Exercise and mindset can influence how this happens for incredible results.
  • 12 months Access to $1600 worth of value. I don't want your program gathering dust - experience has shown me 12 months access means you are more likely to get moving & become consistent.
    Plus if you want to renew for another 12 months at the same low price you can (see terms & conditions). This comprehensive program is a fraction of the cost of a 1:1 coaching package with me or physio payments for rehab / aches and pains !
NOW ONLY $148.50 AUD
with code: FAB50
Thousands of clients from around the world, regardless of their weight, or fitness level have reported ....reduced back pain, increased knowledge about their body, flatter belly's, a stronger core, improved pelvic floor function, better sex, increased energy and growing self confidence.
I can't wait for you to feel this too !
Any questions contact me here
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